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University of Dayton’s Global Scholarship Program Empowers Young Scholars Worldwide

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University of Dayton’s Global Scholarship Program Empowers Young Scholars Worldwide

The International Merit Scholarship program at the University of Dayton is designed to attract and support young scholars from diverse backgrounds. This initiative provides an unparalleled chance for international students to experience the high-quality education that the university has to offer. Furthermore, the program also seeks to increase the number of international students in the United States, which contributes to a more diverse and inclusive academic environment. By fostering a community of talented individuals from all over the world, the university is committed to making a positive impact on society.

Empowering Scholars for a Global Impact

The University of Dayton’s International Merit Scholarship program is a testament to the university’s commitment to making education accessible to all students, regardless of their background. By supporting the intellectual growth of exceptional undergraduates, the university aims to create a more diverse and inclusive academic environment that promotes positive change globally. Through this program, the University of Dayton is able to provide young scholars with the opportunity to receive a world-class education that will shape their futures and help them make a meaningful impact on the world.

Lucrative International Merit Scholarships

The University of Dayton international merit scholarships 2023 in the USA are worth up to $30,000 per year toward your tuition. This is one of the best opportunities to study at a top university in the United States at the undergraduate level. Students with an outstanding academic track record are encouraged to apply to this merit-based scholarship program so that the institute can achieve its core mission: bringing prosperity among societies. The university offers more than 80 undergraduate programs, as well as 50 graduate and doctoral programs.

Nurturing Global Talent

The University of Dayton scholarship program 2023 for international students supports talented and passionate students to enhance their career development while refining their potential skills throughout their scholarship period in the USA. Furthermore, it provides students the opportunity to cooperate with people from diverse backgrounds and enhances their chances of success in their home country as well as abroad. During their course of study, students will receive a high-quality academic qualification under the guidance of world-renowned American supervisors.

University Of Dayton International Merit Scholarship 2023 Details:

  • Scholarship Host Country: USA
  • University: Dayton University
  • Course Level: Undergraduate Programs
  • Scholarship value: $30,000 Per Year
  • Deadline: May 1 — November 1

Benefits of University of Dayton International Merit Scholarships 2023:

  • No registration fee is required to apply for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship provides a merit-based award of $30,000 per year towards the student’s tuition fees for up to four years.
  • Additionally, selected students may be eligible for a Text Book Scholarship, which provides $4,000 over four years to help cover the cost of textbooks and course materials.
  • The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, as long as the student maintains a satisfactory academic record.
  • The scholarship provides significant financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition and other expenses for international students studying at the University of Dayton.
  • The scholarship is a prestigious recognition that can enhance a student’s resume and future career prospects.
  • Scholarship recipients may have access to various academic resources and networking opportunities offered by the University of Dayton.

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Available Academic Fields – University Of Dayton:

You can apply for undergraduate scholarships for the following fields.

  1. College of Arts and Sciences
  2. School of Law
  3. School of Business Administration
  4. School of Education and Health Sciences
  5. School of Engineering
  6. Professional and Continuing Education

Eligibility Criteria for the University Of Dayton International Scholarships 2023:

  • The academic record of the candidate must be excellent.
  • Applicants should be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Applicants are expected to provide all supporting documentation.

Supporting Documents:

  •  Application including the essay
  •  Recommendation Letters
  •  Financial support Letter
  •  Official degree & transcripts of high school
  •  English Proficiency Document – (IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE/ SAT/ACT)


  • The application deadline for the Fall term (August through December) is May 1. 
  • The application deadline for the Spring term (January through April) is November 1.

How to Apply for the University Of Dayton International Merit Scholarship in the USA?

  • Research the scholarship: Find out all the relevant information about the scholarship on University of Dayton website, including its eligibility criteria, application requirements, deadline, and the benefits offered.
  • Check your eligibility: Before applying, make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements. Typically, you will need to have a strong academic record, meet the minimum GPA requirements, and be an international student.
  • Prepare your application materials: The application requirements may vary depending on the scholarship. However, you may be required to provide academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and proof of English language proficiency. Make sure you gather all the necessary documents in advance.
  • Submit your application: Once you have all your application materials ready, you can submit your application online or by mail. Make sure to submit it before the deadline.
  • Wait for a response: After submitting your application, you will need to wait for a response from the scholarship committee. If you are shortlisted, you may be called for an interview or asked to provide additional information.

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