Mzansi Profiles! Local Theo Kgosinkwe Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Personal Life

Theo Kgosinkwe Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Personal Life

Theo Kgosinkwe Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Personal Life post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Theo Kgosinkwe, a musician and member of the Afropop group Mafikizolo with Nhlanhla Mafu.


Theo Kgosinkwe Early Life

Theo Kgosinkwe was born on August 15, 1973, in the township of Kagiso, South Africa. His childhood was steeped in the rich cultural tapestry of his community, where music served as both a pastime and a profound influence. Theo’s early fascination with music was nurtured by the sounds that surrounded him, from traditional African rhythms to the contemporary beats that pulsed through the airwaves.  While specific details of Theo’s formal education remain scarce, it is clear that his academic path was intertwined with his musical growth. Before music, Theo’s first job was at a video duplication company. He was responsible for packaging video tapes.


Theo Kgosinkwe Music Career

Theo’s ascent in the music industry was marked by his collaborative spirit and versatility. In 2008, Theo’s solo album ‘I Am’, with the hit single ‘Umphathe Kahle’ resonated with audiences and affirmed his place in the South African music scene.

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Theo Kgosinkwe In Mafikizolo

Theo Kgosinkwe Biography

Theo Kgosinkwe Biography [Image: @theo_kgosinkwe/Instagram]


The musician was part of the trio that formed Mafikizolo in 1996. The group was founded in Kagiso, Johannesburg, and originally consisted of three members: Theo Kgosinkwe, Nhlanhla Mafu, and Tebogo Madingoane. They started as a kwaito group and released their self-titled debut album “Mafikizolo” in 1997.

Mafikizolo gained popularity with their singles “Ndihamba Nawe” and “Kwela Kwela”. Their third album, “Gate Crashers”, released in 2000, became their best-selling album, featuring hits like “Lotto” and “Majika”. The group faced a tragic loss when member Tebogo Madingoane was shot and killed in 2004. Despite this, Mafikizolo continued to produce music and released the critically acclaimed album “Sibongile” in 2002.

Over the years, Mafikizolo has evolved from a kwaito group to incorporating genres like Afro house, house, Afro-soul, and Afro-pop into their music. They have been active in the music industry for over two decades, adapting their style while staying true to their roots. The group has won numerous awards, including 14 South African Music Awards and 2 MTV Africa Music Awards.

After a hiatus, the group made a comeback with the single “Khona” in 2013, which received international acclaim. They continued to celebrate their success with the album “20” in 2017, marking their 20th anniversary in the music industry.

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Personal Life

Theo Kgosinkwe Biography

Theo Kgosinkwe Biography [Image: @theo_kgosinkwe/Instagram]


Theo was previously married to Rose Kgosinkwe, and together they have two children. Their marriage lasted for about 15 years before ending. After his first marriage, Theo found love again and married Vourné Kgosinkwe. The couple welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Oratilwe Alexis-sky Kgosinkwe, born on January 24, 2021.



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