Mzansi Profiles! People Thabang Lefoa Biography| Early Life, Education, Acting Career,Yappa Corporate, Personal Life

Thabang Lefoa Biography| Early Life, Education, Acting Career,Yappa Corporate, Personal Life

Thabang Lefoa Biography| Early Life, Education, Acting Career,Yappa Corporate, Personal Life post thumbnail image

Thabang Lefoa Biography| Early Life, Education, Acting Career,Yappa Corporate, Personal Life

Thabang Lefoa is a talented South African actor and entrepreneur. He gained prominence for his portrayal of Sphola in the widely acclaimed series “Skeem Saam.”

Early Life

Born in Tlhabane, Rustenburg, within the North West region of South Africa, Thabang’s roots are deeply ingrained in the country’s cultural tapestry. Raised by his parents, Jacob Lefoa and an unnamed mother, Thabang’s formative years were spent in Tlhabane before his family’s relocation to Tembisa when he was five years old, where he has since remained.

Educational Pursuits and Diverse Interests

Thabang’s educational journey took him from the Rosina Sedibane Sports School to the International Academy of Film and Television, where he honed his craft and developed his passion for acting. Not limiting himself to the realm of entertainment, Thabang’s pursuit of knowledge extended to the business sphere. Equipped with additional business courses, he ventured into entrepreneurship, successfully establishing and managing his own company for an impressive span of nine years. Furthermore, Thabang embarked on a culinary journey, attending a Culinary School and emerging as a certified chef registered under the esteemed South African Chefs Association.

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Acting Career

Thabang Lefoa’s career trajectory is a testament to his versatility and dedication to the arts. His acting prowess shone through in his portrayal of Andile and Prince during the inaugural and second seasons of the drama series “eKasi: Our Stories.”

His journey into the realm of television included a small role in the SABC2 drama series “90 Plein Street,” where he depicted one of the influential comrade leaders. Thabang’s talents also graced the iconic SABC1 soapie “Generations,” where he played Pule, a skilled technician at Pan African radio station.

A range of roles continued to define his acting portfolio, with contributions to the SABC1 drama series “Zone 14” as Julius. His career reached a crescendo when he secured a leading role in the short film “Full Circle,” which merited him a Best Actor nomination. Notably, he embarked on a guest starring role in the SABC2 sitcom “Majakathata.” A strong inclination towards the stage resulted in Thabang Lefoa participating in various theatre productions and securing pivotal roles in numerous short films.

Thabang Lefoa biography

Thabang Lefoa (Image Credit: Facebook/Thabang Lefoa)

Among Thabang Lefoa’s most prominent roles are his portrayals in “Skeem Saam” and “The Wife,” a testament to his versatility and ability to capture the essence of diverse characters. Building on his impressive resume, Thabang is poised to captivate audiences once again with his upcoming role in the Mzansi Magic series “Kokota.” Scheduled to debut on the 10th of September, “Kokota” promises to be a new chapter in Thabang’s illustrious acting career.

Entrepreneurship: Yappa Corporate

Thabang Lefoa is also an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial spirit culminated in the establishment of Yappa Corporate in 2011. Operating in Soweto and Johannesburg, Yappa Corporate specializes in technological products and services.

Thabang’s visionary leadership contributed to the company’s growth and impact, reflecting his multifaceted talents and interests.

Personal Life

Thabang Lefoa’s personal life occasionally became a topic of intrigue, with reports linking him to fellow “Skeem Saam” actress Mogau Paulina Motlhatswi. However, their relationship remained discreet, evident through their interactions on social media.


Notably, Thabang is a devoted father to a nine-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son, whose mother remains undisclosed.

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