Mzansi Profiles! Local,People Ntobeko Sishi Biography| Age, Background, Education, Acting Career, Music Career, Rugby, Personal Life

Ntobeko Sishi Biography| Age, Background, Education, Acting Career, Music Career, Rugby, Personal Life

Ntobeko Sishi Biography| Age, Background, Education, Acting Career, Music Career, Rugby, Personal Life post thumbnail image

Ntobeko Sishi Biography|Age, Background, Education, Acting Career, Music Career, Rugby, Personal Life

Ntobeko Sishi is a renowned South African actor, singer, and songwriter, celebrated for his versatile talents and remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry.


Ntobeko was born on May 21, 1998. As of 2023, he is 25 years old.

Early Life and Background

Ntobeko Sishi was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. His journey began with a challenging start. Tragically, he lost his mother at a young age and had minimal contact with his father, who he had the opportunity to meet shortly before his passing.

In a heartfelt tweet, Ntobeko Sushi expressed his longing for reconciliation and forgiveness, paying tribute to his father’s memory.

Every day I prayed for our reconciliation, but not like this. Thanks for listening to me before your departure. Even though sickness didn’t let you speak, I heard you. Forgive and love yourself, timer, because I do. Rip Nzimase, tell MA how much I miss her.”

Following these hardships, Ntobeko was embraced by adoptive parents, who provided him with a nurturing environment and upbringing.


Ntobeko Sishi’s dedication to education led him to excel in his studies. He completed his secondary education at George Campbell School of Technology and furthered his academic pursuits at the University of Cape Town. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance and later expanded his knowledge with a post-graduate diploma in management entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial studies.

Acting Career

Ntobeko Sishi’s breakthrough in the world of acting arrived in June 2018 when he secured a prominent role in the acclaimed South African high school drama, “Signal High.” Demonstrating his versatile skills, he subsequently joined the popular youth show “Hectic Nine-9″ as a presenter in May 2019. Ntobeko’s journey took an unexpected turn when he missed out on a role in the show “Nkulelo,” yet his remarkable talents caught the attention of directors who offered him a significant part in the South African telenovela “Gomora.” In this widely appreciated series, Ntobeko flawlessly portrayed the character Ntokozo, garnering immense love and admiration from fans.

However, after portraying the character of Ntokozo for three years, Ntobeko bid farewell to his role in May 2023. He took to his Instagram to pen an emotional farewell message, expressing his gratitude to the Gomora crew, cast, and viewers for the life-changing opportunity.

“Oh my boy Ntokzin❤️, today was the last time we saw you on our screens, and for good reason. Thanks for carrying me on your shoulders for the past 3 years and helping me grow as a person and artist through your own development.

Thank you for this life-changing opportunity, I’d name everyone but it would be a list too long. God bless the Gomora production team, cast, crew, and audience, (especially those I’ve stolen to be friends in my own endeavors :)).

May you live forever. I love you always kiddo,” he wrote


Ntobeko Sishi biography

Ntobeko Sishi (Image Credit: Instagram @sishiiofficial)

Music Ventures

Beyond his acting prowess, Ntobeko Sishi has showcased his musical talents as a gifted musician and songwriter. He has released notable songs such as “Either Way” and “All Night, I Don’t Dance” establishing his presence in the music industry.


Ntobeko Sishi’s passion for sports is not confined to the screen and stage. He has revealed his fervor for rugby, openly sharing his excitement for the RCW7s tournament through his Instagram page.

Truth is I’ve always been a fan & player of rugby so I’m grateful #CastleLite is reigniting that with the #RWC7s tournament next month #LiteSideof7s

His involvement in the #RWC7s tournament in September 2022 reflects his multifaceted interests and dedication.

Personal Life

Maintaining a private personal life, Ntobeko Sishi has kept details of his romantic relationships discreet. While reports about his dating life remain elusive, an intriguing incident emerged involving Zodwa Wabantu, an older woman who expressed her interest in Ntobeko through social media. This unexpected attention sparked a reaction among Ntobeko’s devoted fans, highlighting his prominence and appeal.


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