Mzansi Profiles! People Lehakoe Tladi Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Soweto Gospel Choir |

Lehakoe Tladi Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Soweto Gospel Choir |

Lehakoe Tladi Biography: Early Life | Music Career | Soweto Gospel Choir | post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Lehakoe Tladi, a talented singer best known for her time with the renowned Soweto Gospel Choir. Her voice has contributed to the choir’s international acclaim, bringing soulful performances to audiences worldwide.


Early Life

Lehakoe was born and raised in the Orange Free State. Her talent was evident early on. She started singing at the tender age of 3.


Lehakoe Tladi At Soweto Gospel Choir

Lehakoe Tladi’s tenure with the Soweto Gospel Choir was a significant period in her life and career. She joined the choir at the young age of 16.  Her association with the choir allowed her to showcase her vocal abilities on a global stage.

During her time with the choir, Lehakoe had the opportunity to travel extensively. By the age of 18, she had already performed across Australia, Europe, and the Far East, sharing stages with other talented singers and bringing joy to audiences through music2.

The Soweto Gospel Choir is known for its vibrant performances that combine African gospel, spirituals, reggae, and American popular music. The choir has won multiple awards, including Grammy Awards, and Lehakoe’s contributions during her time with them were undoubtedly part of their success.

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Lehakoe Tladi: Battle With addiction

Lehakoe Tladi Biography

Lehakoe Tladi Biography [Image: YouTube]


The talented musician has faced significant personal challenges recently. A video that surfaced on social media depicted her in a vulnerable state, which sparked widespread concern among viewers and fans. In the video, she appeared intoxicated and distressed, a stark contrast to the vibrant performer she was known to be during her time with the Soweto Gospel Choir.

Another video emerged in which she was seeking help over her battle with addiction. Her sister told the media that she is addicted to alcohol and dagga.

In 2006, she dropped the hit song Modimo Reboka Wena. However, she never got any royalties from it. This led her to fall into depression and resort to the bottle.

Following the viral video, Lehakoe broke her silence and publicly sought help to improve her life. The outpouring of concern led to the local media channel MojaLove stepping in to offer assistance. This gesture of support indicates the impact Lehakoe has had on her community and the affection they hold for her.


Legacy and Impact

Despite the challenges, Lehakoe Tladi’s impact on the music scene, particularly within the gospel genre, remains significant. Her contributions to the Soweto Gospel Choir have left an indelible mark on the group’s history and on fans around the world.





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