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Lasizwe Dambuza Biography|Age, Education, Early Life, Career, Music, Awards

Lasizwe Dambuza Biography|Age, Education, Early Life, Career, Music, Awards post thumbnail image

Lasizwe Dambuza Biography|Age, Education, Early Life, Career, Music, Awards

Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza is a prominent South African social media personality, actor, television presenter, and YouTuber, widely recognized by his stage name Lasizwe.

He gained fame through his entertaining videos that humorously depict African mannerisms and behaviors. His unique comedic style resonated with audiences, propelling him to become a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry.

Notably, Lasizwe achieved a significant milestone by being the first African to have a reality television show on MTV Africa. Titled “@Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It,” the show garnered immense popularity, running for three successful seasons in less than two years.


Lasizwe was born on July 19, 1998.

Early Life And Education

Lasizwe, originally from Soweto, South Africa, had his early education at Meredale Primary, a diverse primary school located in Meredale, just south of Johannesburg. He later attended Mondeor High School in Mondeor.

During this time, Lasizwe’s mother, Lindiwe Dambuza, who sadly passed away in 2016, played a significant role in his life. She worked as a nurse at Lesedi Private Hospital and was in a relationship with his father, Menzi Mcunu.

In addition to his mother, Lasizwe’s sister, Zonke Nkabinde, was a pillar of support and guidance in his life. It was during his formative years that Lasizwe began to realize that he was different from his peers.

He felt a sense of discomfort around boys but found it easy to relate to feminine topics and interests. At the age of 15, Lasizwe came to the realization that he identified as gay, embracing his true self and beginning his journey of self-acceptance.


Prior to embarking on his career, Lasizwe’s mother played a pivotal role in his journey by taking him to television auditions across Gauteng on a weekly basis, starting from his primary school years.

However, when Lasizwe turned 12, his mother had a heartfelt conversation with him, explaining that the financial strain of these auditions was becoming too much for their family. Undeterred, Lasizwe began participating in various competitions that offered prizes such as phones or audio-visual equipment.

It was a radio competition win that provided him with a phone, which became the catalyst for creating his initial content.

Using his mother’s laptop, Lasizwe taught himself the basics of video recording and editing. He stored his videos on DVD discs and eagerly watched himself on the television screen, fueling his desire to be on TV.

He started sharing his videos on Facebook, gradually building a following and creating relatable content that resonated with South Africans.

Lasizwe’s breakthrough came with his viral video titled “Ek Sal Doom Jou,” a skit inspired by news reports of a controversial pastor who sprayed insect repellent on his congregants’ faces during church services.

The video’s popularity attracted the attention of various brands, leading to commercial opportunities for Lasizwe.

In a remarkable display of generosity, between 2020 and 2021, Lasizwe managed to raise R2 million to support students in need of registration fees.

This initiative, known as the “R10 goes a long way” campaign, aimed to assist students impacted by the “Fees must fall” protests that swept across South Africa. Through this campaign, Lasizwe positively impacted the lives of 313 students, providing them with the opportunity to pursue their education.

In June 2022, Lasizwe achieved another significant milestone by being featured on the Forbes Africa ’30 Under 30′ list. He dedicated this remarkable achievement to his late parents, acknowledging their unwavering support and influence in shaping his path to success.

Broadcast Media

Lasizwe has established a notable presence in the entertainment industry, making appearances on various television shows and commercials.

He served as one of the main presenters on MTV Base Africa’s “You Got Got” and showcased his hosting skills on SABC 3’s “The Scoop Africa” and SABC 1’s “The Real Goboza.”

Additionally, Lasizwe hosted an outdoor event in collaboration with Mabala Noise and presented an award at the 2017 South African Hip Hop Awards. His talent caught the attention of brands, leading to featured roles in TV commercials for Nando’s and Fanta, where he portrayed the new teen marketing director.

Expanding his reach, Lasizwe ventured into radio as a presenter on TouchHD in late 2017. In 2018, he took on hosting duties for’s youth show “Craz-e World Live” and VOOV TV’s “VOOVScoop.”

In May 2019, Lasizwe secured a partnership deal with GAME Stores after posting a video on his social media platforms featuring his popular character “Nomatriquency” interviewing for a position at GAME.

Lasizwe’s acting career gained momentum when he starred in the Netflix movie “Seriously Single” in July 2020. Later that year, he hosted the music show “Telkom Monate Vibes” on SABC 1 and Telkom. In September 2021, Lasizwe collaborated with Steers in the #NomatriquencyxSteers campaign, where his beloved character Nomatriquency landed a job with the brand.

He also had the opportunity to host a Comedy Central Roast spin-off show in the same year.

Continuing his acting endeavors, Lasizwe appeared on the television series “Durban Gen” starting from April 1, 2022. He is also set to make a cameo appearance on the African Netflix series “Savage Beauty.”

In August 2022, Lasizwe received recognition for his online persona Nomatriquency, winning two Prism Awards. On September 3, 2022, he had the honor of hosting the prestigious South African Film and Television Awards. Lasizwe’s multifaceted career continues to thrive, showcasing his versatility and talent in various entertainment mediums.


In December 2017, Lasizwe had the opportunity to be featured in the music video for the song “Jiva Phez’kombhede” by Babes Wodumo and Ntando Duma. His appearance in the music video added an extra layer of entertainment and showcased his versatility in the industry.


Lasizwe has established himself as a prominent YouTuber, amassing an impressive 80 million views on his videos. In recognition of his success, in April 2019, Lasizwe was honored with the silver play button from YouTube for surpassing 100,000 subscribers.

This achievement highlights his influence and popularity within the YouTube community.


  • 2018 Avance Media Awards Ranked #7 on the 100 most influential young South Africans Won
  • 2019 Feather Awards Social Media Personality of the Year Nominated
  • 2021 People’s Choice Awards African Social Star 2021 Nominated
  • 2022 2022 DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards Favourite personality


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