Mzansi Profiles! People Kenny Kunene Biography: Early Life | Education | Prison Years | Businesses | Political Career | Personal Life

Kenny Kunene Biography: Early Life | Education | Prison Years | Businesses | Political Career | Personal Life

Kenny Kunene Biography: Early Life | Education | Prison Years | Businesses | Political Career | Personal Life post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Kenny Kunene, a South African businessman, politician, and motivational speaker – his life has encompassed a spectrum of achievements and controversies. Let’s explore the multifaceted life of Kenny Kunene, from his humble beginnings to his current position as Deputy President of the Patriotic Alliance.

Early Life and Education

Born on October 21, 1970, in Odendaalsrus, South Africa, Kunene faced a challenging upbringing. His grandparents and an unemployed mother raised him. He attended Marobe Primary School, Rearabetswe Secondary School, and Vista University, eventually qualifying as an English and History teacher.

While teaching, Kunene displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. He opened a “shebeen,” an informal bar, after school hours. However, his ambition took a darker turn when he became involved in criminal activities, including robberies and fraud. This path led to his downfall in 1997 when he was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme. He served six years in prison, a period that would significantly impact his life.

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Kenny Kunene Prison Years and Transformation

Kenny Kunene Biography

Kenny Kunene [Image: @kenny_kunene/Instagram]


Kunene’s prison experience proved pivotal. He organised parties and events within the prison walls, aiming to foster positive relationships among inmates. This leadership quality established his influence within the prison community.

Furthermore, his time behind bars offered an opportunity for reflection. He claims to have undergone a spiritual transformation, abandoning his criminal past and embracing a renewed purpose.

Kenny Kunene Business Ventures

Upon his release in 2003, Kunene re-entered society with a newfound determination. He briefly returned to teaching before venturing into business with Gayton McKenzie, another former convict turned motivational speaker. Together, they invested in a seafood distribution business.

Kunene’s entrepreneurial success continued. He established himself as a businessman, accumulating wealth through various ventures, including mining, restaurants, nightclubs, and event management. However, his business practices remain shrouded in some secrecy, with questions lingering about the sources of his fortune.

He owns Kusema Media Group, Africa News 24-7, Yookoo Rides, among other ventures.

Kenny Kunene Political Career

Kenny Kunene Biography

Kenny Kunene Biography [Image: Jewish Report]


Fueled by his ambition, Kunene forayed into politics. In 2013, he joined the newly formed Patriotic Alliance (PA), a political party known for its outspoken leader, Gayton McKenzie. Kunene quickly rose through the ranks, serving as the party’s Secretary-General before becoming Deputy President in 2014.

The PA caters to a specific demographic, focusing on issues like crime, corruption, and the economic advancement of marginalized communities. Kunene’s flamboyant personality and outspoken demeanour aligned with the party’s image.

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Controversy and Philanthropy

Kenny Kunene is a man who courts controversy. His extravagant lifestyle, characterised by expensive cars, designer clothing, and lavish parties, often draws criticism. Additionally, his flamboyant behaviour and provocative statements regarding race and social issues have landed him in hot water on several occasions.

However, Kunene is also known for his philanthropic endeavours. He donates to charitable causes and advocates for those in need. He has established the Kenny Kunene Foundation, which aims to uplift underprivileged communities.

Kenny Kunene Personal Life

Kenny Kunene Biography

Kenny Kunene Biography [Image: @kenny_kunene/Instagram]


Kunene has been married twice. His first marriage to Mathato Kunene lasted for 16 years before ending in divorce in 2011. The couple had three children together: Mpho, Thato, and Mosa.

In 2017, Kunene married his second wife, Nonkululeko “MaRemo” Whitney Mhlanga. They have welcomed four children together: Remo, Reemona, and, most recently, a son named Renny Seakhela Kunene, born in December 2023.


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