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Job Vacancy: eNCA Hiring a Talented News Reporter

Job Vacancy: eNCA Hiring a Talented News Reporter post thumbnail image

Job Vacancy: eNCA Hiring a Talented News Reporter

eNCA is seeking a dynamic and skilled News Reporter to join their team. As a News Reporter, you will be responsible for delivering accurate and compelling news stories through live content and packages. Your role will involve conducting research, writing scripts, conducting interviews, and reporting on a wide range of newsworthy events.

The reporter will be based in Durban.



News Reporter Responsibilities At eNCA


Job Vacancy eNCA Reporter

Job Vacancy: eNCA Hiring a Talented News Reporter [Image: Screen Africa]


  1. News Reporting: Report on daily news stories through live content and packages, ensuring accuracy, objectivity, and engaging storytelling.
  2. Interpersonal and Team Relationships: Build and maintain strong interpersonal and team relationships to foster a stable working environment and achieve team objectives.
  3. Personal Development: Complete an Individual Development Plan and actively participate in learning and development courses and peer and team learning initiatives to enhance your professional growth.
  4. Budget Compliance: Adhere to work rules, standards, and methods while minimising waste to ensure budget compliance.
  5. Conducting Research: Conduct thorough research and write well-informed scripts on various topics before broadcasts. Identify newsworthy events, generate unique story ideas, and actively contribute to weekly diary meetings with the team.
  6. Conducting Interviews: Represent the organisation at conferences, press briefings, events, and interviews. Conduct interviews with eyewitnesses, authorities, and people of interest in news stories. Prepare and brief the camera operator and interviewee prior to broadcast, asking probing follow-up questions and ensuring diverse perspectives.
  7. Writing Scripts: Write scripts in line with visuals, transcribe and summarize events for further news purposes. Fact-check stories with relevant stakeholders to maintain accuracy and unbiased reporting. Deliver well-researched stories, including videos, with unique angles for our online audience.
  8. Reporting: Maintain a strong contact base for story ideas and stay updated on current local, national, and international news. Travel to events, ensuring the proper maintenance, security, and care of recording equipment. Collaborate with camerapersons and reporting team members. Attend and report on events of public interest, delivering scripted, spontaneous, live, and prerecorded reports.
  9. Content Creation: Provide compelling packages for television, including visuals, graphics, and animations. Conduct hard-hitting and probing on-camera interviews. Conduct live reports from the field with accuracy and objectivity. Ensure stories have depth and quality. Deliver professional and informative in-studio live reports.
  10. Professionalism: Adhere to editorial deadlines, maintain a professional appearance, use appropriate language, and display a respectful manner throughout reports.


Job Vacancy eNCA Reporter

Job Vacancy: eNCA Hiring a Talented News Reporter [Image: YouTube/eNCA]


  • National Senior Certificate (Essential)
  • 3-year National Diploma in Media Studies/Television/Journalism and/or Communications (Essential)
  • 5 years of experience as a Reporter in News/Television and/or Broadcast Journalism (Essential)
  • Driver’s License (Essential)
  • Own Vehicle (Recommended)

Skills Required For A News Reporter At eNCA:

  • Advanced proficiency in MS Office Suite
  • Ethical and professional research and reporting skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to ask probing questions and engage interviewees
  • Passion for news and current events
  • Critical thinking, attention to detail, and strong factual recall
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure and determined to uncover the truth
  • Strong interpersonal and rapport-building skills


How To Apply For The News Reporter Vacancy At eNCA

If you are a passionate and knowledgeable News Reporter with a commitment to delivering high-quality journalism, you are invited to join the eNCA team. Apply now and be part of our exciting news reporting endeavours.

Please fill in the job application here and kindly submit the application to


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