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J Molley Biography| Early Life, Music Career, Drug Abuse, Suicide Attempt, Personal Life

J Molley Biography| Early Life, Music Career, Drug Abuse, Suicide Attempt, Personal Life post thumbnail image

This is the biography of J Molley, born Jesse Molley. He is a multi-talented South African rapper, songwriter, and dancer. He is known for his impactful presence in the music and entertainment industry.

J Molley Biography

J Molley Biography (Image Credit: Instagram @hoodpharmacist)

Early Life

J Molley was born on September 17, 1998 in Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa. He grew up mainly in Pretoria. J Molley had a rough childhood, he claims his father is a murderer and that he left them when he was just 10-years old.

At the age of 18, he moved to Johannesburg to seriously pursue his passion for music. He dropped out of high school in his final year of homeschooling, as music became his singular focus.


J Molley grew up in a very musical family, watching both his parents perform on stage and play instruments. He spent a lot of time with his two older sisters, singing karaoke in the living room. From a young age, he had a toy guitar and knew that he wanted to become a rockstar. Around the age of 9, he learned how to play the guitar properly. At 14, he started getting into hip-hop, particularly through dancing.


J Molley Biography

J Molley Biography (Image Credit: Instagram @hoodpharmacist)

Transition to Music

J Molley quickly realized that dancing wasn’t going to be his path to a music career, so he shifted his focus. For a while, he got into photography, taking pictures of other rappers and artists. He was part of a rap crew, but his role was just as the photographer. Eventually, he was encouraged to join in and record his own music. His first song, “Laced,” did very well on SoundCloud, garnering 10,000 plays in the first week. Since then, J Molley has amassed a number of songs in his discography.

Influences and Style

J Molley’s biggest influence is Jimi Hendrix, who inspired him to learn to play the guitar and delve deeper into music. He revealed that music has the power to transport him to another place.

His style blends various musical elements, reflecting his diverse influences and experiences.

Reality Television

In addition to his music career, J Molley joined the cast of “Love and Hip Hop SA.” He chose to appear on the reality show to document his life and address misconceptions about him, fulfilling a long-held desire to be a reality star.

Suicide Attempt

J Molley attempted to take his own life last year. Speaking about the incident, he revealed that his heart had stopped, but he was revived. Interestingly, it was the day he was supposed to drop the artwork for his project, “Almost Dead.”

J Molley stated that he has struggled with suicidal thoughts since he was a child. He was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and suicidal ideation is a common symptom of this condition. When he first attempted suicide, he did not tell anyone, as he had considered it many times before actually going through with it. During his second suicide attempt, which occurred on May 30, 2024, J Molley downed a bottle of pills and tried to end his life live on Instagram.

He posted a series of suicidal posts on his X account.

Drug Abuse

J Molley has openly admitted to struggling with drug addiction. He started using drugs at the age of 14, progressing from codeine to weed, then to Xanax, and eventually to cocaine. After his first suicide attempt, he was committed to a psychiatric ward and enrolled in a rehabilitation program against his will.

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Personal Life

J Molley was previously in relationships with media personality and actress Khanya Mkangisa, as well as MTV Base Culture Squad member and TV presenter Shamiso Mosaka.


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