Mzansi Profiles! Local,People Gogo Maweni Biography: Background, Sangoma Work, Personal Life, Baby Daddy Drama

Gogo Maweni Biography: Background, Sangoma Work, Personal Life, Baby Daddy Drama

Gogo Maweni Biography: Background, Sangoma Work, Personal Life, Baby Daddy Drama post thumbnail image

Gogo Maweni Biography: Background, Sangoma Work, Personal Life, Baby Daddy Drama

From medicine to media, Gogo Maweni has made her mark as a powerhouse in Sandton, Gauteng. But it’s not just her impressive resume that has people talking. This social media maven has revealed her gift for witchcraft and used it to get revenge on her delinquent baby daddies. With her bewitching abilities, she’s putting a spell on those who refuse to pay child maintenance. Love or fear her; one thing’s for sure – Gogo Maweni is a force to be reckoned with.



Claim To Fame

When a video of former The Queen actor SK Khoza losing his mind went viral, all fingers pointed to the notorious Gogo Maweni. But this multi-talented woman was quick to defend herself against online bullies. Through her publicist, Simphiwe Majola, she denied involvement in the alleged bewitching of her baby daddies.


Background And Early Life


Gogo Maweni Biography

Gogo Maweni Biography [Image: Instagram Dr Maweni]


Gogo Maweni was born Lee Ann Makopo between 1988 and 1992 in Gauteng, according to sources. Beyond the controversy, Gogo Maweni has quite an impressive background. She’s a well-educated lady who completed her primary education at St. Teresa High School and went on to study at both Manhattanville College and The University of Johannesburg.


Gogo Maweni Sangoma Work

Gogo Maweni, the sangoma, is a name that needs no introduction. The popular celebrity sangoma has captured the hearts and minds of many with her powerful consultations and spellbinding charisma. Whether you’re seeking guidance, healing, or simply a glimpse into the mystical world of the ancestors, Gogo Maweni is the one to turn to.

She offers consultation services to those seeking advice on various health concerns and has made her WhatsApp number available for easy access. Media reports show she earns a significant income from her consultation services and acting roles.



Gogo Maweni Biography [Image: Instagram Dr Maweni]


But what does it cost to experience her magic? Well, that depends on your needs. Gogo Maweni’s consultation fee varies depending on the services required.

In addition to her consultation services, Gogo Maweni also provides alternative and holistic health treatments that cater to different needs. She founded Gogo Maweni Chakra Online, a herbal store that offers natural supplements and remedies.


Gogo Maweni Television Career

Gogo Maweni is also recognized as a television personality, where she shares her expertise and insights on various health topics. She has appeared in several South African TV shows, including the popular reality show Izangoma Zodumo.

Gogo Maweni’s ability to seamlessly transition between her on-screen performances and spiritual practice is a testament to her talent and dedication. Whether she’s captivating audiences with her acting or offering guidance and healing to those in need, Gogo Maweni’s versatility and expertise continue to shine.


Gogo Maweni’s Personal Life


Gogo Maweni Biography

Gogo Maweni Biography [Image: ZiMoja]


Despite the recent controversy surrounding her alleged involvement in bewitching her baby daddies, Gogo Maweni’s personal life remains a source of interest to her fans.

The renowned sangoma and health practitioner is married to Sabelo Magube, a successful businessman and social media influencer.

Sabelo owns Velabahleke Events Hire and Velabahleke Shuttle Services, businesses that offer event management and transportation services. On his Instagram profile, he proudly describes himself as the “kindest Zulu man in South Africa”.

Gogo Maweni has three children from three different relationships. She had two of her kids with two prominent South African men – actor Sthembiso Khoza (SK) and soccer player Siyabonga Zulu, while the paternity of her other child is sketchy. The names and birth details of her children are not publicly known.


Gogo Maweni Biography

Gogo Maweni Biography [Image: Instagram Dr Maweni]


Baby Daddy Drama

Some people have accused Gogo Maweni of bewitching her baby daddies on social media. In a podcast interview, Gogo Maweni admitted to casting a spell on one of her baby daddies, Siyabonga Zulu. She said she did it because he was cheating on her and not taking care of their child. She also said she was privy to his run of luck in the field. However, she denied bewitching her other baby daddy, Sthembiso Khoza, who has also faced some troubles in his personal and professional life.


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