Mzansi Profiles! Local Gaisang Noge Biography | Age, Early Life, Education, Boyfriend, Career, The Wife, Parents

Gaisang Noge Biography | Age, Early Life, Education, Boyfriend, Career, The Wife, Parents

Gaisang Noge Biography | Age, Early Life, Education, Boyfriend, Career, The Wife, Parents post thumbnail image

Gaisang Noge Biography | Age, Early Life, Education, Boyfriend, Career, The Wife, Parents

Gaisang Noge is a famous actress from South Africa who is well-known for her acting skills. She has acted in a handful of famous TV dramas in South Africa. One of her famous roles is in the etv series House of Zwide, where she plays the character of Mampho. Even though she is new to the acting industry, she has gained a lot of popularity. However, many of her fans may not know much about her.

Age and Early Life

Gaisang Noge-Image Source(Instagram)

Gaisang Noge-Image Source(Instagram)

Gaisang Noge was born on June 15, 1996, in Vaal Triangle in Gauteng, South Africa. She is currently 26 years old as of March 2023. She grew up in a well-off family who supported her passion for acting. Gaisang was raised in a Christian household and attended Sunday school regularly. She is skilled in speaking multiple languages, such as English, Setswana, and Sesotho.


Gaisang Noge graduated from AFDA, a private college that provides degrees and higher certificates in film, television, and performance, in 2017. In 2020, she got her first big break in the movie “Labour of Love.” She also appeared on a show called “Kwa-Mamazala” in 2021.

Her Parents

Dosto Noge-Image Source(Instagram)

Dosto Noge-Image Source(Instagram)

During an interview, Gaisang Noge mentioned that her father is Dosto Noge, but she did not reveal any details about her mother. Her father, Dosto Noge, is a famous presenter in South Africa and is well-loved for his work. He was a presenter on Selimathunzi and Speak Out for the first three seasons before leaving. Additionally, he co-hosted Please Step In with Angie Diale on Mzansi Magic. It seems that being in the entertainment industry runs in the family, and both the father and daughter are doing exceptionally well in their respective fields.

Gaisang Noge’s Entertainment Career

Gaisang Noge was passionate about acting from a young age, and her parents supported her dream. She participated in the drama club during her school days. Her first appearance on TV was in the Mzansi Magic movie “Efa Motho Motho,” and later she appeared as a Masseuse in “The River.”

She acted in a short film called “5Clicks,” produced by Justin Sandmann in collaboration with Magos Media Production. In April 2021, she appeared on a Mzansi Magic drama series called “Bo Mma,” where she played Karabo.

Later that year, in July, she landed the role of Mampho on the etv drama series “House of Zwide,” which replaced “Rhythm City.” In February 2022, she played Mavis in “Thando,” a film produced by Bakwena Films about Thando, who was harassed by a group of girls called the “ma Yellow bone squad,” of which Mavis was the leader.

Gaisang Noge in The Wife-Image Source(Instagram)

Gaisang Noge in The Wife-Image Source(Instagram)

She then appeared in the Showmax telenovela “The Wife” as Dr Naledi Montsho, Qhawe’s wife. Gaisang considers this role one of her biggest roles on TV, alongside her role as Mampho on “House of Zwide.”

Her Boyfriend

Gaisang Noge posted a video dancing for her boyfriend, who was not seen but heard in the background. After the video she introduced in Instagram live.

His name is Bokamoso, and he is 27 years old as of 2022. During the live video, they talked about how they met. Bokamoso revealed that Gaisang was the one who kissed him first, which shocked and attracted him.

They met in 2018 at a church conference where Gaisang was serving food, and it was love at first sight. They started as friends and later became official lovers. Both their parents know about their relationship and have accepted it. In their four years together, they have been accepted as son-in-law and daughter-in-law by each other’s families.

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