Mzansi Profiles! Jobs & Scholarships Golden Opportunity: AmaZulu FC Seeks Talented Director of Football

Golden Opportunity: AmaZulu FC Seeks Talented Director of Football

Golden Opportunity: AmaZulu FC Seeks Talented Director of Football post thumbnail image

Golden Opportunity: AmaZulu FC Seeks Talented Director of Football

Job Title: Director of Football
Job Family: Executive Committee
Reporting to: Board of Directors
Location: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Job Summary: AmaZulu Football Club (“AmaZulu”) is seeking an experienced and strategic Director of Football (“DoF”) to join our organization. As the DoF, you will play a crucial role in managing and overseeing a wide spectrum of activities within AmaZulu. You will be taking on a dynamic and multi-dimensional role with the overall goal of developing and implementing modern and innovative footballing strategies and instilling a high-performance and professional culture to achieve sustained footballing success. You will work closely with AmaZulu’s executive team, technical team, coaching staff, players, and back-office administration to develop and execute comprehensive football strategies, enhance player recruitment and development, and foster a culture of excellence within the organization. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of the football industry in South Africa and globally, have excellent communication skills, leadership and people management skills, be hardworking and loyal, and a proven track record of success in a similar role.

Main responsibilities

1. Short and Long-term Strategic Planning

  • Contribute to AmaZulu’s overall short and long-term vision and strategic direction. This will involve:
    o Working with the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Technical Team to develop compelling coaching and playing philosophies which will serve as AmaZulu’s blueprint and DNA going into the future. These philosophies should align with AmaZulu’s culture and identity; and
    o Communicating and implementing the developed strategies around coaching and playing style, footballing philosophy, and footballing culture in line with the AmaZulu’s objectives and modern football trends to achieve sustained success on and off the field.2. Footballing Performance Culture
  • Work with AmaZulu’s Board of Directors and Executive to set clear goals and expectations. This will involve:
    o Setting short and long-term tangible, on and off-field targets, and Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) for everyone involved with the footballing operations of the club at First Team and Youth Development levels;
    o Create a framework for ongoing monitoring of the progress of targets and KPIs against the objectives in the strategic plan; and
    o Report back to the President and Board of Directors on progress of goals and KPIs.
  • Build a high-performance, science-based, culture of excellence and innovation which are aligned with the mission and values of AmaZulu and modern football.
  • Target competitive success in football for both the First Team and Youth Development Teams.3. Staffing Structure


  • Work with the club’s Board of Directors and Executive to develop an efficient footballing organizational structure. This will involve:
    o Taking a view on the club’s current footballing structure and restructuring sub-departments to optimize efficiency; and
    o Taking a view on the club’s current personnel and either reallocating staff based on their strategic impacts and objectives or recruiting the right personnel to achieve the club’s goals.
  • Maintain oversight and lead the footballing organizational structure.4. Staff and Player Recruitment, and Transfer Strategy
  • Work with AmaZulu’s President and Chief Financial Officer to develop a recruitment, transfer, and salary budget, which is sufficient to meet both short and long-term goals and be financially sustainable for AmaZulu.
  • Identify areas within the technical staff that need strengthening and recruit personnel with the necessary skills and experience to help implement AmaZulu’s defined strategy to achieve the set goals
  • Collaborate with the Team Manager to assess the team’s needs and identify potential transfer targets.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive transfer and recruitment strategy aligned with the club’s vision and objectives.
  • Oversee negotiations and contracts for staff and player acquisitions and transfers.
  • Maintain relationships with agents, clubs, and other stakeholders to facilitate successful player recruitment.5. Scouting and Analysis
  • Develop a robust and innovative scouting and analysis department which mirrors the trends and ongoings of modern football. The scouting and analysis department will be used for both the First Team and Youth Development.
  • Use existing staff or recruit a data analyst/scout who will be able to develop existing analysis methods and create new methods and new ideas which are aimed at improving evidence-based decision making for player recruitment/scouting and match analysis.
  • Use data analytics to develop new metrics which aid in answering questions around scouting and on-field performance.
  • Work closely with the scouting department to establish scouting networks and organize scouting missions.
  • Analyse player performances and data to make informed, evidence and science backed decisions about potential transfers.
  • Collaborate with the scouting department in identifying and assessing potential talent.
  • Keep track and monitor the progress of potential talent in the province, country, continent and globally.6. Player Development
  • Work with Youth Development Technical Directors to oversee a robust Youth Development program, focusing on talent identification and nurturing young players.
  • Develop and coordinate training programs and ensure AmaZulu’s youth system aligns with the overall footballing philosophy.
  • Work with High-Performance Manager to develop and implement a high-performance program that mirrors modern footballing trends.
  • Monitor the progress and performance of young players within AmaZulu’s youth academy.
  • Ensure that the Youth Development players are getting the right experience and exposure to further their development.
  • Aid in the fast tracking of the promotion and integration of Youth Development players into the first team.7. Contract Negotiations
  • Lead contract negotiations for staff recruitments, new signings and existing players and staff, including discussions on terms, salaries, transfer fees, and other contractual details.
  • Ensure all player contracts are managed efficiently and in compliance with relevant regulations.8. Sporting Infrastructure
  • Collaborate with other departments, including sports science, medical, and coaching staff, to optimize player development and performance.
  • Implement and maintain a strong footballing infrastructure to drive performance within AmaZulu.
  • Ensure that the club’s facilities are well-maintained and meet the needs of the players, coaches, and staff.9. Administration and stakeholder management
  • Establish operational processes and procurement processes for the footballing department.
  • Working with the Executive and HR, establish uniform, internal frameworks for disciplinary matters.
  • Liaise with Team Manager on the day-to-day happenings of the team.
  • Monitor and assess Team Manager reports.
  • Play oversight role on the administration and player registrations in compliance with NSL rules and regulations.


Your application will be assessed against the below “Essential Criteria” and “Desirable Criteria”. Applicants are advised to explicitly state and provide evidence (where applicable) of how they meet each criteria in their application.

Essential Criteria
Extensive and proven experience in a similar role or extensive experience in a coaching/managerial role within the football industry.
Extensive and proven experience of strategic planning and implantation within the football industry, both on and off the field.
Strong knowledge of player scouting, contracts, and negotiations.
Experience of leading a team and impacting change.
Proven experience in the development of short and long-term footballing programmes.
Proven track record of successful player recruitment and development.
Experience in using/understanding football-related databases and data sources.
Skills and abilities:
Excellent leadership and management skills which will aid in the ability to lead an inter-disciplinary team to deliver on goals.
Strong communication skills.
The ability to motivate and inspire others, delegate tasks effectively, and make tough decisions.
The ability to work collaboratively with various stakeholders including players, coaches, staff, directors, and external stakeholders.
Knowledge of local and international football trends.
Knowledge and understanding of rules, laws and regulations of relevant Football Governing Bodies that govern AmaZulu and ensure that AmaZulu is in compliance at all times.
Have strong knowledge of the business side of the football industry.
Strategic and critical thinking and ability to contribute to long-term planning.
The ability to identify and solve complex problems as they arise both on and off the field.
Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
Good organisational and time-management skills.
Proven football coaching ability and knowledge of modern and current coaching and training trends.
Strong IT skills necessary for analysis, reporting, presenting and general communication (Microsoft Office at a minimum).
Financial literacy.
Fluency in English, with strong written and verbal skills.
UEFA A License / CAF A License (or higher) or equivalent license/certification in football coaching from an accredited organization or football association, and/or
Sport/Football related diploma (or higher)
A deep love for football.
Flexibility and willingness to work irregular and long hours.
Keenness to further educate themselves and help others within the organization to educate themselves.
Desirable Criteria
Previous experience as a Director of Football, Sporting Director, and Technical Director at a professional football club.
Previous experience of using data and/or Artificial Intelligence in decision-making processes and analytics around player scouting, player and match analysis.
Skills and abilities:
A good command of isiZulu (additional language skills are an advantage).
Bachelor’s /undergraduate degree (or higher) from a reputable university/college in Sports Science, Commerce or Law.
UEFA Pro License.

Points To Note

  • The objective of this job description is to outline the overall scope of tasks and obligations associated with the position. While the specific duties may fluctuate periodically, they will not alter the fundamental nature or level of responsibility involved.If you are passionate about football and have the skills and experience required to lead our football operations, we invite you to apply for the position of Director of Football at AmaZulu Football Club. Join us in our quest for excellence on and off the field.

Application Process:
Please submit the below documents in your application:

– Cover Letter
– Curriculum Vitae

If you have not had any response by Monday, 26 June 2023, please consider the application unsuccessful. Apply by clicking Here

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