Mzansi Profiles! People Alostro Biography: Early Life and Background | The Viral Moment | Rise to Fame | Transformation and Support

Alostro Biography: Early Life and Background | The Viral Moment | Rise to Fame | Transformation and Support

Alostro Biography: Early Life and Background | The Viral Moment | Rise to Fame | Transformation and Support post thumbnail image

This is the biography of Mahau Louis, popularly known as Alostro, a South African man who became an internet sensation after a humorous mishap during a live TV interview. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Alostro’s attempt to comment on the conditions of shelters for homeless people in Tshwane led to a viral moment that would define his newfound celebrity status.


Early Life and Background

Mahau Louis, better known by his moniker “Alostro,” was born in 1990. Alostro’s early life remains shrouded in mystery, and little public information about his upbringing or family background is available. What is known, however, is that his life took a dramatic turn during the COVID-19 pandemic, which set the stage for his unexpected rise to fame.

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The Viral Alostro Moment

Alostro’s journey to stardom began with a live television interview that took place during the national lockdown imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. As journalists sought the perspectives of homeless individuals in Tshwane on the government’s shelter arrangements, Alostro’s attempt to contribute to the conversation resulted in a humorous butchering of the English language. His incoherent comment, which included the now-famous word “Alostro,” quickly went viral, turning him into an overnight social media sensation.

He said:

” Others they gonna na, they are see others here, they have alostro. What is now?” People then pushed him out of the crowd.


Alostro Rise to Fame

Alostro Biography

Alostro Biography [Image: @propaganda_pretoria/Instagram]


The viral video not only earned him the nickname “Alostro” but also catapulted him into the limelight as a local celebrity in Tshwane. His unique and often humorous commentary on current affairs began to draw crowds, with people from various parts of the townships driving to Bloed Street Mall just to hear his take on topical issues. From high-profile murder trials to the lives of musicians, Alostro’s views, though taken lightly, started trending on social media platforms. Promoters took a chance with him, and in 2023, some booked him to perform.


Impact and Social Commentary By Alostro

Despite the comedic nature of his fame, Alostro’s impact on society has been significant. His candid commentary has brought attention to the perspectives of the homeless, often overlooked in societal discourse. His remarks on various subjects, whether it be the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial or the assassination of musicians like AKA, DJ Sumbody, and Vusi Ma R5, have sparked conversations and debates among the public.


Alostro Transformation and Support

Alostro Biography

Alostro Biography [Image: Daily Sun]


Recognising Alostro’s influence and potential, DJ Karri, a Pretoria-born DJ and producer, stepped forward to transform his life. In January 2024, DJ Karri pledged to help Alostro by offering him a makeover, taking him shopping for new clothes, and arranging for a haircut. This act of kindness was part of a broader initiative to rehabilitate Alostro. The DJ then took him to rehab to address his struggles with substance abuse, and he started recovering well. As of March 2024, Alostro had gotten skills as a builder and a cook to help him recover his life.





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